Gold on the Ceiling

From the Black Key’s 2011 album El Camino, this has played non-stop in the studios since its download.  Thanks as always to the beautiful Cita for consistently bringing amazing new music to me.  Through her influence I listened to so many bands I now can’t imagine living without.  In the early 90’s moving to Louisville from New Orléans she was then, and has remained, on the edge of new music.  None of the stations here yet played the bands she listened to in NOLA.  Luckily for me she brought CD’s, a newfangled invention in those dark days, with her.  I would have found the alternative sound on my own eventually but it would have been a much slower introduction.  With her entrance to my life came this instant explosion of music, color and laughter.  
On that note I hope the two of us make it to the Speed later this morning. Today is the last day of the fabulous Impressionist exhibit from the Dixon.  Robbed of our visit on Friday, due to Derby and other madness, this is our final chance.  I usually avoid Sundays and particularly the last Sunday of any event at the museum.  But it is worth fighting the zombies, church people and million or so tourists in town for the race.  She must meet Ramon and see this wall sized beauty in person.  May the Force be with us.
Gaston LaTouche, The Joyous Festival, ca.1906

Gaston LaTouche (French, 1854-1913) The Joyous Festival, ca.1906. Oil on canvas. Collection of the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis; gift of Mrs. James D. Robinson in memory of James D. Robinson.

Image from Western Kentucky University’s website review of the exhibit, A Wealth of France’s Greatest Paintings is Now Showing in Kentucky.  Included in the article is an excellent slide show highlighting works from the collection.

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